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Stories Axel was born

Axel was born with severe heart defects

Axel Fagerberg was born in 2012 with a serious heart disease. Only four days old he performed the first of three surgeries. Second operation was done when he was six months old. The third and last operation, as the reportage here depicts, was made when Axel was one year and eight months old.
Old City, Jerusalem

Stories Jerusalem

Jerusalem, The Holy City

Jerusalem is the holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims. Meet the people and the ever-present religions in the Old City.

Stories Holocaust

Holocaust eyewitnesses

In response to the people who claimed that the Holocaust never occurred the Association Holocaust Eyewitnesses was formed 1991 in Sweden. Since the war they have felt guilty and ashamed because they survived. But the anger against revisionists and responsibility to tell the world caused them to break their silence. These are the survivors.
Ken Wegas

Stories Ken Wegas

Ken Wegas - the Swedish Elvis

Kenneth Wahlberg aka Ken Wegas makes a living by imitating Elvis. On stage Ken Wegas acts entirely according to how The King expressed his songs. He goes down in Elvis’s famous poses and throwing scarves, the clothes and instruments are exact replicas of Elvis equipment - nothing is left to chance by the Swedish Elvis.
Joint Challenge, 2010

Stories Joint Challenge

Joint Challenge

The final exercise, “Joint Challenge”, is one of the years largest military exercises conducted in southern Sweden. 18 units, 4,500 people, 800 vehicles and 260 combat vehicles practiced before national and international missions.
Eva Westerling

Stories Eva Westerling

Eva Westerling, hospital clown

As hospital clown Eva Westerling meets the children who are vulnerable to infections, waiting for an appendectomy or who are simply just afraid of syringes. She is always on the children’s flank and gives them a much-needed break from everyday life.
Margit Sandemo

Stories Margit Sandemo

Margit Sandemo

The last portrait of the fairytale queen and the author of The Legend of the Ice People.
Jan Troell

Stories Jan Troell and his cat, Anders

Jan Troell and his cat Anders

A day in life with two gentlemen, the film director Jan Troell and his cat Anders.
Freddy Hansen

Stories Freddy Hansen, Wall of Death-rider

Freddy Hansen, Wall of Death-rider

For more than 40 years, Freddy Hansen has performed as a Wall of Death-rider on his 1926 Indian Scout motorcycle. He’s had a record-breaking amount of fractures (nearly thirty), but that does not stop him from performing every summer on Kivik's market, keeping a dying tradition alive. Freddy Hansen is the death-rider who does what he loves most: defy death and live life.